The Fate of Bashang

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The Fate of Bashang

Postby Belial » Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:26 am

At first, it was mere rumors. The mere tale of merchants and old men as they talked the hours away. Yet, by the day, those rumors had grown in number. The rumors claimed a man by the name of Ying Ou was raising a army. A army intent on restoring the fallen Qin Dynasty to its former glory. A army that would forever destroy the rebels who dared march against the Qin and his brother. The man was rumored to be the very son of Qin Shi Huang. An unimportant, but, direct descendant of that demonic emperor who had ruled the land within his iron fist. Yet, it was the mere talk of the children and their elders. A whimsical tale told to entertain children. A reverent tale repeated by those who still looked upon the Qin within a loving light. A tale of horror from those who remembered the cruelty of the Qin...

Yet, those rumors proved true. Ying Ou had made himself known to all the land within a single day. General Iroh, a former Qin general, was sent as the messenger of the Third Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. A messenger to the city of Bashang, a messenger of death if the city would not knell and submit to their rightful Emperor. By rumor, it was said the governor was ready to throw General Iroh into the prisons. That governor Na Nisao planned to proclaim the man a fool and to have him hung for his prior service to the Qin. Until reports reached Governor Na during his interview with General Iroh. They proclaimed a army of twenty thousand men marched underneath the banner of the Dragon of the West, General Iroh. In less than a day, the rumors was proven true. The rise of Ying Ou given definition and the hearts of countless left to seize in hope and terror alike. Yet, the soldiers of Qin departed along with General Iroh. Leaving a clear message behind. The city of Bashang had a month to consider its fate. Either it would submit to the rule of Emperor Ying Ou or be burnt to ash.

Rumors and messages began to fly across the land. No longer the favored rumor of bored men, but, the heated rumor of nobles and governor. Fear and hope alike danced upon their tongues. Men openly rose their arms in support of the possible new Emperor while others truly dreaded the thought the Qin's return. Rumors claimed that those who joined and aided the Qin would be given patents of nobility. That they would soon replace the governors of the cities of Sai, Yong, Di, and even Han itself. Barbarians, bandits, nobles, and governors alike entwined their fates with the Qin. Proclaiming they would serve Emperor Ying Ou and aid him in claiming the city of Bashang. A city that would supposedly serve as the new heart of a larger, stronger, and more centralized Qin Dynasty. That the sacked and burnt husk of Xianyang was to be forever cast into the shadows, its former glory forgotten with its fall. That its former glory would soon be forgotten in the brilliance of Bashang's future greatness. Yet, Emperor Ying Ou was a man hidden from common eye. Secluded away within his luxurious tents and trappings. While underneath the eye of the Dragon of the West, the armies of the future Qin state continued to grow. Forty thousand men soon laid underneath the banner of the Qin state. A army of rebels, bandits, and barbarians who sought greed as much as nation or pride.

However, the state of Chu was hardly without response. Within a matter of weeks, a definite response was clear. The armies of Chu would march upon Bashang and stand its side against the forces of the self proclaimed Emperor Ying Ou and General Iroh. Underneath the commission and watchful eye of the Imperial Minister of Inspection, Lù​ Chén, a army was quickly rose. Thirty thousand veterans underneath the banner of Chu. A veteran force of men who marched upon the province of Sai, seeking to crush the empire they once fought against.

OOC Quest Summary:

Applying for Membership:
Anyone is allowed to enter this quest, however, general and battle builds is heavily advised. It is recommended that if you apply, you have at least one battle skill. This quest will mainly focus on battles, after all. However, other stats and skills will come into play with improving and upgrading the armies. Due to this fact, anyone will be accepted despite build. Players will be requested to indicate their name, stats, skills, and choice of sides. Once all applications are in, a roll off will take place to see who is allowed in. This will take place for both sides and ten players will be selected from each side. If any gaps are existent, they will be filled with NPCs. Sign Ups will close on Tuesday at 8 PM Central Time Zone.

Application Format:
Name: Blah Blah Blah. Example: Guan Huang
Stats: Your current stats. Example: 99-99-99-99-99
Skills: Your current skills. Example: Awesome III, God Mode III, Leet III, Reading I
Side: QIN or CHU

Quest Progression:
Players will be expected to post their own improving posts. Each side will be expected to pick and appoint a leader VIA voting in their PH. If no leader may be elected, one will be selected at random. This leader has final say on their group's tactics. The quest will see three battles take place. Each battle will effect the greatly effect the outcome of the quest, however, the victor of the third battle will be considered to have won the quest. Between each battle, the players will be able to improve their armies.

Quest Rewards:
To be revealed at the end of the quest.

Quest Danger Level:
VERY HIGH. All duels will be considered Death Match duels which carries a automatic chance of death. Likewise, captured officers may be executed by the capturing side. By entering this quest, you accept the fact you MAY die.
Starring As:
The Hero of Xianyang, The Incorruptible Lu Chen, and the Glorious Emperor Kang!

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Kern » Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:44 am

Name: Tian Rui
Stats: 41-93*-42-62-66
Skills: Challenge I, Gongshu II, Qiangshu II, Intimidate II, Smith II, Yueshu II
Items: Axe (+1 Might), Billhookofdoom (+1Might), Horse (+3 Speed)
Zu Shi (24) 112-85*-37-90-22 Aid II, Dash III, Discipline I, Entangle I, Instructor II, Trainer II, Wall II

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Royalspork » Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:01 am

Lin Yue, 25, Female
Aid II, Charge II, Discipline II, Military Administrator II, Sortie I, Wall II
Side: Chu

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Li Dao Wen » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:15 am

Name: Xun Jiang
Stats: 60-100*-32-63-53
Skills: Challenge II, Instructor II, Intimidate, Jianshu, Qiangshu, Yueshu III
Items: Twilight Mourning (+7 Might Halberd), Armor of the Catalyst (+6 Might Armor), Havoc (+1 Speed)
Side: QIN
Shang Yu, strategist and miser


Xun Jiang the Black Ogre, King of Yan

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Chou Yu
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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Chou Yu » Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:06 am

Name: Yang Yu
Stats: 85-23-78-80-51
Skills: Aid II Civil Administrator I Cover II Discipline II Military Administrator II Volley II Poison I
Side: CHU

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby flare_knight1 » Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:40 pm

Name: Niu Gongzhu
Stats: 80-95-36-38-40
Skills: Qiangshu II,Maraud II, Pierce II,Instructor II
Items: Spear (+4 Spear), Horse (+1 Defence, +1 Speed)
Side: CHU
Niu Gongzhu, 16, Wife of Baihu, 80-95-36-47-40| Qiangshu II,Maraud II, Pierce II,Instructor II

Follower: Da Gan(44) 59-55-54-59-66 Yueshu II, Envelop I, Qiangshu I, Jeer I, Faze I, Dash I, Saboteur I

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Radical Dreamer » Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:53 pm

Name: Ying Ranzhen
Stats: 83-19-65-71-41
Skills: Cover II, Diplomat I, Military Administrator II, Politician II, Volley II
Side: CHU
Kubali Dun 90*-76-35-68-23
Aid II, Qiangshu II, Sortie III*, Military Administrator II, Discipline II, Dash I

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Spike » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:29 pm

Name: Yue Shang
Stats: 67-104-18-61-51
Skills: Jianshu II, Gongshu II, Qiangshu II, Charge I, Delay I
Side: Qin
Last edited by Spike on Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:47 pm, edited 4 times in total.
Yue Shang (23) 69-108*-25*-73-56*
Skills: Jianshu II, Gongshu II, Qiangshu II, Charge, Delay, Challenge*
Items Equipped: Spear of Fuchai (+3 Might, Challenge*), Helmet (+7 Might), Armor (+7 Might), Text of the Two Worlds (+1 Int, +1 Charisma), Sapphire Pendant (+3 Charisma), Throwing Knives, Horse (+1 Speed)

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Crim » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:33 pm

Name: "Yan Qing"
Stats: 37-84*-32-77-64*
Skills: Gongshu I, Intimidate II, Jianshu II, Qiangshu II, Smith II, Yueshu II
Items: Xiang Yu's Old Sword (+2 Might), Leather Cuirass (+1 Might), Imperial Tally (+2 Cha, Jewelry), Zao Xing's Axe (+1 Might, unequipped), Zao Xing's Armor (+1 Might, unequipped), Horse (Speed +1)
Side: QIN

Also, I'm entering my NPC, if possible. Cool Belial.

Name: Jin Mei Liao
Stats: 34-22-61-72-89
Skills: Assemble I, Civil Admin I, Doctor I, Haste I, Inspire I
Items: None
Side: CHU
Last edited by Crim on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:17 pm, edited 2 times in total.
Xiang Jun, 18
Challenge I, Gongshu I, Intimidate II, Jianshu II, Qiangshu II, Smith II, Yueshu II
Items: Xiang Yu's Old Sword (+2 Might), Leather Cuirass (+1 Might), Imperial Tally (+2 Cha, Jewelry), Crossbow (Ranged), Zao Xing's Axe (+1 Might, unequipped), Zao Xing's Armor (+1 Might, unequipped), Horse (Speed +1)
NPC Follower: Jin Mei Liao (Female); 20; 34-22-61-72-89; Assemble I, Civil Admin I, Doctor I, Haste I, Inspire I

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Re: The Fate of Bashang

Postby Cao Chao » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:44 pm

Name: Yi Zhiwen
Stats: 97-79-36-65-43
Skills: Aid II, Charge II, Jianshu II, Wall II
Side: Chu

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