Freeing Baideng

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Freeing Baideng

Postby Phailak » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:17 am

Freeing Shouchun Baideng

In the province of Dai, an outcry from the local magistrate has reached some of the heroes of the land. It seems a bandit lord has taken over the town and the past two attempts to retake it have failed.
Now, in a desperate attempt, Zhang Biao has used all his resources to secure an army in hopes to retake the town. All his former officers have either betrayed him or died in the last invasions, so he must rely on
volunteers. His desperation forces him to put this scrawny army in the hands of strangers, but he hopes he can find some honor left in the land to deliver Baideng from the clutches of the raiders.

OOC Situation: Through a friend, contact or by sheer luck, you are made aware of the situation. This quest will have real battles with real consequences. I will accept participants until Friday 9PM, I will not reveal at this time the method
of selection, suffice to say that if you have battle skills, you can be useful to this quest. There will be a total of 10 characters selected. It is not a plot free zone, HOWEVER, I will only accept plots that have to do with the quest directly
and have IC reasons related to it that make sense. Post your stats and skills as they are when you join. EACH member will post his own tactics for battles, if someone fails to do so, random tactics will be assigned. RPs will start on Friday August 20th 9PM (deadline for subscriptions as well). Good luck!

Post name, stats and skills at time of sign up. (no your NPCs cannot join). There is no need to RP yet, that will start Friday.
Progression: I'll try to have daily updates to RPs but the progression should be pretty quick AND resolution for the quest quick as well.
Number of Quest Participants: 10 (maybe 11 we shall see after sign ups).
Quest Format: Battles. Some RP at the start and during the quest.
Quest Rewards: To Be Revealed.
Quest Danger: Battle danger to be captured or injured.

Phase 1 - Quest begins and a group is formed

For the sake of my sanity, we will assume that every last one of you has met with Captain Shang. He was badly injured in the last attempt to retake the town and has been reduced to doing interviews with the lot of you. His objective was to meet and greet you and identify three of you that would be in charge of putting a team together to lead the rescue of the town. He sin't fond of the idea, he's angry and pissed, but he has done as he was told.

The rules are pretty simple. The three 'chosen' officers responsibility is to form a battle unit of ten officers. Each of the 3 chosen will choose two others, bringing the total to 9, they will be supporting their choice for those two so they better do so well. There are no rules to how the last officer, the 10th one is chosen. If for any reason, the three can't get along or they bring trouble makers into the group, they will ALL be dismissed and others chosen. This is where the role play should come in, interview the other people that have posted in the thread BEFORE the deadline, they are the only eligible ones. Obviously, the three should coordinate so the army is not 7 melee officers and 3 duelists, sigh!

You will get a preparation turn so that you may configure the army as you ALL see fit. Each officer will submit what actions his character is doing, hopefully under the guidance of a group RP discussion, to fail to do so will obviously cost the army greatly, so make sure to get active people. If needed, an officer can be removed from the quest if ALL three original chosen members agree and replaced, but can only do so after the first battle IF there is a need for more.

Each preparation phase, decisions must be made as to how to spend the money the magistrate provides. These are the actions:

Recruit: Gain COM * 10 + 10% per level of Military Administrator. They have 30 morale. Costs 100 per recruit attempt.
Conscript: Gain MIG * 10 + 10% per level of Intimidate. They have 10 morale. Costs 100 per conscript attempt.
Hire mercenaries: Gain CHA * 10 + 10% per level of Diplomat. They have 50 morale. Costs 100 per mercenary hiring.
Search NPC: Gain an NPC that can be used in battle or during preparation phases. You have JUD / 3 + 10% per level of Politician of finding and recruiting an NPC. For a NPC to be in the battle lineup, the PC he is replacing must accept. Costs 100 gold per NPC search.
Spy: Try to obtain information on your opponent. Related stat is INT and Spy skill but the formula remains hidden. This will reveal opponent's soldiers and arms with a chance at knowing the officer stats and skills as well. Costs 100 gold per spy attempt.
Drilling: Gain MIG * 1000 / Troops total +10% per level of Instructor. Drilling is a free action.
Gather resources: Gain something depending on officer's highest statistic. Gathering resources is a free action:
COM: Gather COM * 10 volunteers (morale 0)
MIG: Gather MIG * 10 Spears.
ING: Gather ING * 10 Bows.
JUD: Gather JUD * 5 horses.
CHA: Gather CHA * 3 gold.

Note: The actions that gain troops can be made a maximum of 5 times in total (example 2 recruit, 2 conscripts, 1 mercenary hire)

Starting Army and resources
1000 (70) Town Watch armed with 1000 Halberds
500 (70) volunteer hunters with 500 bows
800 gold (this is for the whole time)

NPC Town Magistrate who will NOT participate in battles but may be used in preparation phase
- (EX!) Jinshouzhuang Jue;71-63-63-89-73/Charge I, Civil Administrator I, Diplomat I, Engineer I, Military Administrator I, Politician I, Raid I, Rally I

Here are the three chosen leaders, have fun bugging them to RP. As one of the participants, you can ONLY approach one of the three so choose wisely. For the chosen three, you must wait for others to approach you to RP in the thread as to avoid confusion (if you want someone to approach you, PM them). Only the chosen three can RP with the magistrate, though he has provided all he can, anymore resources would only arrive later if needed :)

Ning Chu, 18, Male
Instructor II, Qiangshu II, Smith II, Sortie II, Wall II

Ding Yi, 24, Female
Civil Administrator II, Discipline II, Gongshu I, Military Administrator I, Sortie II, Wall I, Yueshu I

Zheng Nu (168)
Decoy II, Instructor II, Maraud II, Military Administrator I, Smith II

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Lu Ying » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:23 am

Yun Ling(23, Female); 62-89*-19-66-68
Yueshu II, gongshu II, raid II, politian II
Items equiped: Steel Chainmail (+7 armour), Sapphire (+1 speed, +3 defence, Horse)
Yun Ling(23, Female); 62-94*-21-66-68
Yueshu III, gongshu II, raid II, politian II, Challange I
Items equiped: Ravager (+3 Axe) Steel Chainmail (+7 armour), Sapphire (+1 speed, +3 defence, Horse)

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Chou Yu
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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Chou Yu » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:25 am

Yang Yu (25)
Aid II Cover II Discipline II Military Administrator II Volley II Poison I

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Hsiahoutun » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:26 am

Yang Xi, 21
Aid II, Instructor II, Intimidate II, Qiangshu II, Charge II.
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Yang Xi, 21
Aid II, Instructor II, Intimidate II, Qiangshu II, Charge II.

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Marquis Black » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:26 am

Bái Ruì, 24 (Male)
71-21-79-75-56 -
Skills: Diplomat II, Dash II, Escort I, Confuse I, Cover I, Decoy I

Woo! Dead man walking! :D
Bái Ruì zí Ruìcōng, 24 (Male) - 71-23-81-78-56 - Skills: Confuse I, Cover II, Dash II, Decoy I, Diplomat II, Escort I

Qiao An (18, F) 36-50-67-70-80 Public Planner II, Scout I, Gongshu I, Confuse I
Lu Ning (23, M) 56-80-47-41-66 Wall I, Decoy I, Gongshu I, Inspire I, Charge I, Spy I, Haste I, Delay I

"The right timing, the right place, and the right people are important to one's conquest...but so is luck."

Disclaimer: Things characters played by Marquis Black may say do not necessarily reflect the state of mind or opinions of its roleplayer.

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby BJR » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:28 am

Pan Shaozu 31, M
Challenge II, Intimidate II, Politician II, Smith I, Yueshu II
Items: Horse (Spd+1), Helmet (Might +7), Spear (Might +7)
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Du Peng 99-72-45-70-46 Encourage 2, Raid 1, Rupture 3, Authorative 1, Recruiter 1, Commander 1, Architect 1, Engineer 1[/url]

RIP :( Pan Shaozu 103-71-48-70-63 Barrage 1, Raid 1, Rupture 3, Authorative 1, Recruiter 1, Commander 3, Trainer 2, Charge 2

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Meia » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:38 am

Ding Yi, 24, Female
Civil Administrator II, Discipline II, Gongshu I, Military Administrator I, Sortie II, Wall I, Yueshu I
Lady Ding Yi--丁 怡 age 25, the (EX!) PC ^_^v and future Queen of Yan
Civil Administrator II, Discipline 3, Gongshu I, Military Administrator I, Propagandist 3*, Public Planner I, Sortie II, Wall I, Yueshu I
Equipment: none
785 gold
Bio/Char Description

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Unchained Phoenix » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:38 am

Puyang Shuang
Aid II, Decoy I, Deride II, Scribe II, Scout I
Puyang Shuang (19) 60-45-114*-43-80*
Aid II, Confuse I, Decoy I, Deride II, Entangle I, Jeer I, Scout II, Scribe II
7986 (100) Troops

Followers: Hua Gongming, Yuan Man

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Zeren » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:45 am

Hua Fang
Qiangshu II, Jianshu II, Challenge II, Intimidate II
Hua Fang (26) 53-88*-20-74-57
Qiangshu III, Jianshu II, Challenge II, Intimidate II

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Re: Freeing Shouchun

Postby Shi Tong » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:48 am

Pulling Out!
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