The Chai Village Challenge

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The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Belial » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:43 am

In the province of Zhao, the small village of Chai laid settled upon the edge of nature. It was a small and simple village, a village that had remained untouched by the vile and destructive flames of war. It was the village's own isolation that had saved it from the gruesome burdens of the rebellion. Little word or true trade left the village of Chai, while few dared venture forth its comforting depths. Man, woman, and child alike had seen countless years pass within those chilled woods and foothills. Simply allowing time to pass them by as faces aged and new faces bloomed forth from the village. Life was simple within the village and while hard, the people could claim to truly be happy. Those foothills, forests, and surrounding lake had been more than enough to bless that village with life. While also giving birth to the Chai Village Challenge.

It had started as a local affair. A mere competitions between locals to pass the time. A yearly hunt in which hunter and trapper put their skill to the test and their pride upon the line. A hunt in which the grandest token won both the favor of their peers and the right to have the title of grandest hunter of Chai village. Yet, overtime the Chai Village Challenge twisted and changed. Slowly did interest grow and spread, finally reaching the local nobility who took the grandest interest within this little competition. Going as far to set bets and make a true prize for the winner of the Chai Village Challenge. A prize that had begun to draw men from all over their glorious land, bringing in both trapper and hunter alike to test their wit and might against nature.

Yet, as a new year dawned upon the divided and chaotic state of China, the peaceful village of Chai once more opened itself to the public. Once more the Chai Village Challenge was opened to the public. Yet, the normally exalted competition had taken on a more ecstatic note. A rumor had settled upon the town, a rumor of a deadly beast which had taken refuge in the woods around Chai village. Rumors of a beast of deadly speed and tremendous strength. A beast that had supposedly stalked the town during the dead of winter. Preying upon both livestock and man, claiming those who dared wonder into the winter nights.

The Chai Village Competition had started once more, bringing in hunter and trapped alike from all across China. Men and women who dared seek the biggest and grandest prey within those cold woods and silent foothills. Men and women who sought the promise of treasure and coin. Yet, still that rumor existed.. and the people of Chai village could only wonder what laid before them.

OOC Quest Summary:

Accepted Members:
1) Trendkill
2) OneEyedDrgn
3) Arkain Hibiki
4) Aleksandr
5) Xiang Zhuang

Membership: Everyone is allowed to apply for the quest, but, only five people will be allowed to play. If there is more than five applicants, a random roll will be made to see who attains entrance. Yet, it is recommended that players only sign up if their character has at least fifty might, or, they may face difficulties. Those who are interested should realize the quest will last for five OOC days and will end upon the sixth day. Applicants should be able to get on and make at least one post per day. Sign ups end on Sunday at 9 PM Central Time. The Quest will begin on Monday.

Format: Applicants should post the following information or be rejected.
Name: Blah Blah
Stats: Blah Blah
Skills: Blah Blah Blah
Items: Blah Blah

Quest Progression: This is a fast progression and low level quest that will use a Option choice line. Each day, the accepted hunters will be given various options and are allowed to pick whatever action they may desire. Each option will have a secret and private formula that adds a bonus to the player's rolls. After all five hunters have posted their actions, or time elapses, I will post the results and they will be given their options for the next day. Each option selected should be accompanied with roleplay for the sake of roleplay flavor. Each option is luck based and will provide varying results depending upon their roll. It is not necessary to pursue the rumored beast and it may not exist at all. However, if it is found to be real and is captured or killed, the player will automatically win the quest. Should this not happen, the hunter which bagged the biggest prey will be considered the quest's winner.

Quest Rewards: Will be revealed at the end of the quest.

Quest Danger: Low to Medium: Death should not even be a option unless the player is a complete idiot who per say jumps off of a cliff. Injury is unlikely along most routes and any injuries will be the result of utter bad luck.
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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Trendkill » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:47 am

Name: Luò Jiān
Stats: 63-80-33-60-66
Skills: Challenge II, Instructor II, Intimidate II, Jianshu I, Maraud I, Qiangshu II, Yueshu I,
Items: Horse (Spd+1)

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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Rue Goung » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:48 am

Name: Rou Jang
Stats: 70-70-30-70-50
Skills: Charge II,Delay II, Jianshu II, Smith II, Military Administrator II
Items: None
Rou Jang
Age: (25) 70-81*-35-70-67
Charge II,Delay III, Jianshu II, Smith II, Military Administrator II

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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Aleksandr » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:54 am

Name: Kang Xingtu
Stats: 43-87*-30-62*-77
Skills: Challenge II, Gongshu, Instructor, Intimidate II, Yueshu II
Items: Dreamcleaver (Axe, +7 Might), The Immaculate Texts (Book, +5 Judge), Ying Zheng (Horse, +2 Speed)
Di Wan (23, Male), the Marquis of Di
Skills: Artisan II, Cover II, Decoy II, Entrench II, Gongshu, Volley II
Gold: 486

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Wen Xu
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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Wen Xu » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:56 am

Name: Wen Xu
Stats: 76-84*-38-38-40
Skills: Challenge I, Charge II, Faze I, Instructor II, Qiangshu I, Raid I
Items: Spear (Melee, Mgt+2), Horse (Spd+1)
Wen Xu(39) ~ Bio
Skills: Challenge I, Charge II, Diplomat I, Faze I, Instructor II, Politician I, Qiangshu I, Raid I
Items: Spear (Melee, Mgt+2), Horse (Spd+1)

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Jin Shi
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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Jin Shi » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:57 am

Name: Ma Su, 22
Stats: 77-79-49-48-24
Skills: Intimidate I, Wall I, Charge II, Dash II, Rupture II
Items: None
Ma Su, 22 | Bio
Charge II, Dash II, Discipline, Intimidate, Qiangshu, Rupture III, Wall

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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Shen Feng » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:08 am

Name: Shen Feng
Stats: 37-57*-56-65-84
Skills: Diplomat II, Haste II, Jianshu II, Politician II
Items: Gray Dancer (Horse, Speed +1), Shen's Blade (Sword, Might +2)

(editted to add newly purchased items as Belial instructed)
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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby JG Chan » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:15 am

Name: Tu Shu'er
Stats: 34-72*-67*-75-67
Skills: Artisan, Doctor, Jianshu II, Propagandist II, Saboteur II, Spy II
Items: Sword (Mgt +3), Throwing Knives, Book (Int +1)

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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Joe » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:18 am

Name: Ning Chu
Stats: 84-80-29-62-23
Skills: Instructor II, Qiangshu II, Sortie II, Smith II, Wall II
Items: None
Ning Chu of Zhao
Instructor II, Qiangshu II, Sortie II, Smith III, Wall II

Cui Chu
Je Zhuo

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Re: The Chai Village Challenge

Postby Brother Dun » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:49 am

Why not, I'm in!

Zu Yanghei
Skills: Doctor, Jianshu I, Poison II, Propagandist II, Saboteur III
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