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Re: Player Market Request

Postby ann » Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:49 am

Xiang Yu 99-107*-72-61-81 Charge III, Challenge III, Dash II, Inspire II, Envelop II, Gongshu III, Assemble II, Instructor II, Jianshu III, Volley III, Raid III, Rupture III, Rally II, Qiangshu III, Pierce II, Intimidate III Items: Dapple (Horse, Spd+8, Atk+1, Def+1), Sword ( Mgt+7), Billhook (Mgt+3), Crossbow
Bu - the peasant
Zhao Nu 79*-91*-53-66-57/ Discipline I, Smith I, Challenge II, Qiongshu I, Wall II, Aid I Items: Horse Spd +3, Javelins, Billhook Might +7, Book of Maneuvers Com +2, Armor +3 Might

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Re: Player Market Request

Postby Selicate » Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:28 pm

Requesting a shop:

Name: Twin Ponds Estate
Location: Di
Type: Scribe, Artisan, Trainer
Ng Quan (27)
Artisan I, Civil Administrator II, Engineer II, Military Administrator II, Politician I, Public Planner II, Scribe III, Smith I, Trainer II

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