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@ Phailak « Fri 12:05 pm »
OK, tactic assignments working now. Now to limit how many officers can be assigned to locations
@ Phailak « Wed 11:51 am »
ok got all my skills, lol we might review these names with your help but for now will do, will work on updating DB and interface now
@ Phailak « Mon 3:43 pm »
Argh missing 3 skills for new civil system...
@ Phailak « Thu 1:32 pm »
First changes towards new civil system implemented, more traditional assign officer to a location, give him a task
@ Phailak « Tue 5:37 pm »
Also to actually answer that, yes single player model was going to be instated, easy to do in current model
@ Phailak « Tue 5:27 pm »
I thought single player was going to be what solved the big alliances no? Issue with logistics is it doesn't fit nicely with the code
@ BJR « Tue 1:51 pm »
also did we decide or found a way to implement a single player only model?
@ BJR « Tue 1:51 pm »
SF is right. We need to solve the issue with attacking anywhere. Every game will give an advantage to any alliances or who has the most friends come sign up and stay active. Anyways, minimize the chaos and problems of the last versions alliances by adding roads or borders and restricting attacks to adjacent and/or road connected locations
@ Phailak « Mon 8:39 am »
Well we have a new map and storyline thanks to Jolt so back to it
@ Chinka « Sat 5:56 am »
Yeah i totally spaces on warlords...and am saddened but what ive returned too.

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