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@ Phailak « Mon 5:51 pm »
New update done for population assignment, it's ugly for now but works... need to add validation in case some players input something other than an integer between 0-100
@ Phailak « Thu 8:11 am »
OK small set back this week, got the playstation VR lol, going to try and get back to it today
@ Phailak « Wed 1:56 pm »
Few more updates done, slowly but surely. Once assigned officers do not show up on list of available officers any longer
@ Phailak « Fri 11:28 am »
Fixed the map BTW if anyone had noticed it was broken
@ huitre « Fri 10:37 am »
@ huitre « Fri 10:18 am »
plus the artwork is absolutely amazing & glorious, here’s a great place if you’re interested in reading http://mangakakalot.com/manga/the_ravages_of_time
@ huitre « Fri 10:18 am »
hi comrades, I recommend Ravages of Time aka RoT to any 3K fan too! it’s filled with exciting action but also brilliant strategies & philosophical insights & other intellectual elements even moreso
@ Chao Yang « Fri 10:04 am »
Hold on, let me link you
@ Phailak « Fri 10:04 am »

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